DNS Leaks on Windows


Fix the DNS Leaks on Windows While Manually Setting up the VPN

When you are connected to FastestVPN, you are actually connected to our DNS servers in place of your internet service provider’s DNS. Thus, all the traffic between your system and FastestVPN DNS servers is encrypted, providing you with complete DNS leaks protection.

It is recommended to setup VPN via FastestVPN Windows App to avoid DNS leaks. Moreover, Ikev2 and UDP are recommended protocols.

Sometimes after connecting to VPN, it could happen that your Windows operating system revert you back to your internet service provider’s DNS. To verify if your VPN connection is leaking DNS, there are several websites such as ipleak.net or dnsleaktest.com

One of the common reasons of DNS leaks is that you’ve setup VPN manually, via any other method instead of FastestVPN client.

In order to avoid DNS leaks in that case, please follow these steps.

Step #1: Type in ncpa.cpl in Start Menu search and press “Enter”. It will open your “Network Connections”

DNS Leaks on Windows

Step #2: Right click on your internet connection adapter, (Ethernet/Wireless/ Wifi/ Local Area Connection) and open its properties.
DNS Leaks on Windows

Step #3: Double click on Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/ IPv4)
DNS Leaks on Windows

Step #4: Select “Use the following DNS server addresses”. After that enter FastestVPN’s DNS server addresses in the fields below which are and respectively.
Click on OK.

DNS Leaks on Windows

Finally connect FastestVPN and you’ll be all protected against DNS leaks.

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