App Setup for MacOS X

FastestVPN’s User-Friendly and Feature-Rich MacOS X VPN Client Application is compatible with MacOS X 10.11 and onwards.

For older versions, manual configuration is recommended. Please click below links for manual configurations.

Protocol available in FastestVPN‘s MacOS client application is IKEv2 for now and more will be available in the upcoming version.

Step #1: Download FastestVPN’s MacOS X Application

Please Move or Drag and Drop Downloaded Setup File from “Download Folder” to “Application Folder” and then Install the Application.

Step #2: Once setup is installed, launch the FastestVPN’s MacOS X User-Friendly App.

FastestVPN MacOS X App

Step #3: Enter your “Username” and “Password” provided to you by FastestVPN, check “Remember Me” box to save your Credentials and click on “Login Now!” button

Login FastestVPN App

Step #4: Click on your desired VPN Server Location or Country

Select Location or Country

Step #5: Click on “Click to Connect” button

Connect FastestVPN

Step #6: You are connected. Enjoy complete internet freedom!

FastestVPN App Connected

How to Change Server Location or Country

Step #1: Click on “Click to Disconnect” button

Disconnect FastestVPN App

Step #2: Now click on the “Menu” button and then click on “Locations” to change your server location or country.

FastestVPN App Menu
Select Location from FastestVPN App Menu