Setup FastestVPN on Roku

Even though FastestVPN supports Roku, it doesn’t mean it offers a Roku VPN app. The same applies to other VPN services in general since Roku does not directly support VPNs or Smart DNS. However, you can still use FastestVPN and set it up on Roku using a router.

This tutorial will show you how to setup FastestVPN on your Roku. Follow the step-by-step guide here to make the most of your Roku VPN.

As mentioned above, Roku streaming devices do not come up with a built-in VPN client. Nevertheless, you can still enjoy streaming with a Roku VPN and for this, follow the steps given below.

How to set up a Roku VPN via router

Step #1. Setup FastestVPN on a VPN supported Wi-Fi router

Step #2. Set up a Roku account. (Skip this step if you already have a Roku account)

Step #3. Perform a factory reset of your Roku

Step #4. Connect your router with Roku to use the Roku VPN
Take a look below at a more detailed guide on how to set up FastestVPN as a Roku VPN.

Step #1: Setup FastestVPN on a VPN Supported WiFi router

First, setup FastestVPN on your WiFi router. FastestVPN supports various kinds of routers and for setup guidelines, please visit our Routers Setup Tutorials Page

Important Note: Configure your router with a US VPN server address if you want to access American content on Roku.

Once you’ve setup the Roku VPN successfully on Wi-Fi router, go to Step # 2 given below.

Step #2: Setup a Roku Account

Skip this step if you already have a Roku account

If you don’t have a Roku account then go to, follow the steps required for registration. Select your desired country.
During registration, enter a zip code of the chosen country (For example, a US zip code comprises of 5 digits)

Important Note: During the registration process, select your location same as you set up in the Wi-Fi Router. If you selected a US VPN server location while setting up VPN in the router, then select your location as US during Roku registration process.

Step #3: Perform a factory reset of your Roku

Press and hold the “Reset” button there on the backside of Roku for 15 seconds around.

Or else, you can factory reset from Roku’s Menu > Home > Press Up > Settings > Factory Reset > Yes

Step #4: Connect your router with Roku
Follow these steps.

  1. In your Roku’s Menu, navigate to Settings -> Network -> Wireless (WiFi)
  2. Select your Wi-Fi router where you’ve already set up the VPN.
  3. Enter your Wi-Fi password and click on “Connect”.

Roku will be connected to your VPN-enabled router.

How to set up a Roku VPN via a virtual router

Compared to setting up FastestVPN as your Roku VPN using a router, creating a virtual router for the same procedure is fairly not as simple in comparison.

However, if you need to go through it, you need to use your PC or Mac computer to establish the Roku VPN connection.

Here’s how:

Step #1 Set up FastestVPN on your PC or Mac computer

Step #2 Sign in to your FastestVPN account and share your Wi-Fi network

Step #3 Is as follows:

  • For Windows users

Press “Run” and click on the “Windows + R” keys. Name the connection and then open the “Connection Settings.” Find the network with the VPN you’re connected to.

Right-click on the VPN connection > “Properties” and > “Allow other network users to connect through this computer’s internet connection.”

  • For Mac users

Go to the “Sharing Menu” and click on the option that says “Internet Sharing.” When prompted by a pop-up, click on “Start” and then open the menu tab. To make sure the hotspot is established, there will be a green light next to “Internet Sharing” under the Sharing menu.

When the Wi-Fi hotspot is turned on, connect your Roku to it. This will show the VPN connection to protect your Roku.

Frequently Asked Questions

There isn’t any Roku VPN app available as it does not natively support it. However, you can still use or set up a VPN on Roku using a router or by creating a virtual router.

A Roku VPN can help spoof your location. To do that, you can use the tutorials above showing you how to set up a Roku VPN using a router or by creating a virtual router. It will help keep your location private or anonymous.

No, you can’t. There are many free VPNs in the market, but that does not mean it will work with Roku. Since free VPNs cannot be configured on a router, there is no need to use it. FastestVPN offers a 15-day money-back guarantee that you can use as a free trial!

To disable a Roku VPN, you will need to reset the Roku factory settings. Also, to temporarily or permanently disable the VPN connection to Roku, go back to services and then click on “VPN” and then set to “Disable” under the “Start OpenVPN Client” option.