OpenConnect Setup for Windows 7, 8, 10

Windows VPN  configured with OpenConnect GUI (SSL VPN Client) masks your internet traffic with port “443“, making it very difficult for any firewall or any blocking system to block or detect your VPN connection. Increased speed is also there!

Windows OS Compatibility

  • Microsoft Windows 10
  • Microsoft Windows 8
  • Microsoft Windows 7

Step #1: Download the OpenConnect GUI Setup file and run the OpenConnect GUI Setup.

Download OpenConnect GUI Setup

Step #2: Click “Next

Run OpenConnect GUI

Step #3: Click on “I Agree

OpenConnect GUI Agreement

Step #4: Click on “Next” in following three steps

Step #5: Click on “Install

Install OpenConnect Gui Drivers

Step #6: Click “Finish

Run OpenConnect Gui

Step #7: Click on OpenConnect GUI icon appearing on your Desktop/Startup Menu to launch it

OpenConnect Gui Icon

Step #8: The OpenConnect GUI is now launched

OpenConnect GUI VPN Client

Step #9: Click on “Settings” icon and select “New profile

OpenConnect GUI Create New Profile

Step #10: Enter following details:

  • Put a check sign on ‘Customize
  • Name: VPN Server location name
  • Gateway: Your desired SSL/ Openconnect server address. Here you can find the complete list of FastestVPN Server addresses. Make sure to enter an “Openconnect” server address from this list (and not a PPTP/ L2TP adddress).
  • Click on “Save

OpenConnect GUI Gateway Setting

Step #11: Click on “Connect

OpenConnect GUI Connect

Step #12: Enter your FastestVPN “Username” and click “OK”, enter your FastestVPN “Password” and click “OK

OpenConnect GUI Username

OpenConnect GUI Password

The “Lock” will go green that means that you are “Connected”.

OpenConnect GUI Client Connected

Enjoy Complete Online Freedom with FastestVPN Speed