Setup FastestVPN with L2TP on Huawei Router

This tutorial explains how to connect your Huawei Router to FastestVPN using L2TP Protocol.

Go to web browser and enter or in the search bar to access your router’s Web Configuration Panel. (This is the default IP address to access the router unless you’ve changed it earlier.)

It will ask for your router’s Username and Password. Enter that information and login.

Router’s username and password can be found at the bottom of the router or in its ‘User Manual’.

After successful login to the router, follow these steps to setup FastestVPN in it via L2TP protocol.

Step #1: Click on “VPN” on the left side and select “L2TP“.

Check mark “Enable L2TP LAC” (OR “Enable L2TP“). After that enter following information.

  • LNS Address: Your desired L2TP VPN server address. As In this case Singapore server is entered. Please click here to visit FastestVPN Complete L2TP server list
  • Host name: FastestVPN (or whatever name you want for your VPN connection)
  • Tunnel password: psk123
  • Hello Interval (seconds): 60
  • PPP username: Your FastestVPN Username
  • PPP password: Your FastestVPN Password
  • Connection Mode: Auto
  • Click on “Save” (OR “Apply”)

Huawei L2TP VPN Setup

You are done!!

To disconnect from FastestVPN, uncheck the box next to “Enable L2TP LAC” (OR “Enable L2TP“)

Huawei L2TP VPN Setup

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