Setup FastestVPN with OpenVPN Protocol on DD-WRT Router


Here is how to connect a DD-WRT router to FastestVPN using OpenVPN (TCP/ UDP) protocol.


Step #1: Login to your router’s web configuration panel.

Step #2: Go to Services > VPN”.

DD-WRT OpenVPN Setup


Step #3: Follow this:

  • Set OpenVPN on “Enable
  • Server/ IP Name:Enter your desired FastestVPN OpenVPN server location address. In this case US-Miami – UDP server address is entered. Please find complete list of our OpenVPN server addresses here
  • Port: 4443
  • Tunnel device: : TUN
  • Protocol : UDP (or you can select TCP but then enter a TCP server address above in “Server/ IP Name” field
  • Encryption Cipher: AES-256 CBC
  • Hash Algorithm: SHA256
  • User Pass Authentication: Enable
  • Enter your FastestVPN username and Password in respective fields

DD-WRT OpenVPN Setup

Note: If you do not see the Username and Password options as in the above screenshot, you are probably using the DD-WRT with an older version. To setup FastestVPN on DD-WRT older builds, click here


Step #4: Scroll down and follow this:

  • Advanced Optionsr: Enable
  • TLS Cipher: : None
  • LZO Compression: Adaptive
  • NAT: Enable
  • Firewall Protection: Enable
  • Tunnel UDP-MSS-Fix: Enable
  • Leave other options as default

DD-WRT OpenVPN Setup

Step #5: Scroll down and in Additional Config box, enter following lines:


DD-WRT OpenVPN Setup


Step #6: Scroll down to TLS Auth Key box.

Download the certificate text file from here. Open it and copy the text between <tls-auth> </tls-auth> tags. Paste that text into “TLS Auth Key” field.

DD-WRT OpenVPN Setup


Step #7: Scroll down to CA Cert box. Open the same certificate file which you downloaded in above step. Now copy the text between <ca> </ca> tags and paste into “CA Cert” field.

DD-WRT OpenVPN Setup


Leave other fields as default.


Step #8: Click on “Save” and then on “Apply Settings”. Wait for 1-2 minutes and you’ll be connected to FastestVPN.

DD-WRT OpenVPN Setup

In order to make sure that you are connected, go to Status > OpenVPN and it should show “CONNECTED SUCCESS” status there.

DD-WRT OpenVPN Setup

You are done!!

Enjoy Complete Online Freedom with FastestVPN Speed