Setup FastestVPN via OpenVPN on Synology NAS

This tutorial explains how to connect your Synology NAS DiskStation Manager (DSM) 6 and above to FastestVPN using OpenVPN (TCP/ UDP) Protocol.

Before you setup VPN on Synology, it is recommended to disable its IPv6 to prevent IPv6 leaks. For this, please follow the steps given below.

On your DSM dashboard, open Control Panel and then click on Network.

Synology NAS Open VPN Setup

Click the Network Interface tab and expand the LAN menu. Click Edit

Synology NAS Open VPN Setup

Select IPv6 tab. In IPv6 setup, select “Off”. After that, click OK.

Synology NAS Open VPN Setup

Reboot your Synology after these steps.

Now, follow these steps to setup VPN on Synology NAS.

Step #1: Download FastestVPN .ovpn VPN server config files from here. Extract these files somewhere to use in later steps.

Step #2: Open Control Panel > Network > Network Interface.
Click on Create > Create VPN Profile.

Synology NAS Open VPN Setup

Step #3: Select “OpenVPN (via importing a .ovpn file)” and click on Next.

Synology NAS Open VPN Setup

Step #4: Enter following information in “General Settings” screen.

  • Profile name: Anything to remember your VPN connection name, such as OpenVPN
  • User name: Your FastestVPN Username
  • Password: Your FastestVPN Password
  • Import .ovpn file: Click on “Browse” and go to those .ovpn files which you downloaded above in Step 1. Choose your desired server location file (TCP or UDP whichever protocol you want to connect to).
  • Click Next

    Synology NAS Open VPN Setup

    Step #5: In “Advance Settings” section, check mark “Use default gateway on remote network” and “Reconnect when the VPN connection is lost”.

    Second option, “Allow other network devices…” is optional, you can check mark or leave it unchecked.

    Click on Apply

    Synology NAS Open VPN Setup

    Step #6: You can see that your VPN profile has been created in “Network Interface” window. Click on it and click Connect. You will be connected to VPN shortly

    Synology NAS Open VPN Setup


    Enjoy Complete Online Freedom with FastestVPN Speed

    To disconnect from FastestVPN, just click on Disconnect below “Network Interface” tab

    Synology NAS Open VPN Setup