Setup FastestVPN on Apple TV

Method 1

Setup FastestVPN on Apple TV by using a Wi-Fi Router;


First, setup FastestVPN in your Wi-Fi router. FastestVPN supports various kinds of routers and for setup guidelines, please visit our Routers Setup Tutorials Page.


If your router is not listed in that page then you may setup FastestVPN in Apple TV through the second method. Or else, kindly email us at with your router model.


Once you’ve successfully setup VPN in router, you need to connect Apple TV with the router and for that, switch on Apple TV and follow these steps.


Step #1: Go to settings >General >Network

Step #2: Select “Configure Wi-Fi” and then select your Wi-Fi connection and enter its password

You are done!!



Method 2

Setup FastestVPN on Apple TV through VPN Sharing:


Connect your laptop or desktop with Wi-Fi connection. Now connect the computer with Apple TV through a LAN/ Ethernet cable. After that, connect to FastestVPN and select one of the US servers.


Now proceed for the steps given below.

For Windows Users:


Step #1: Go to your computer’s Control Panel and open “Network and Sharing Center”.


Step #2: Click on “Change Adapter Settings” on left side.


Step #3: Right click on your internet connection and open its “Properties”.


Step #4: In properties windows, navigate to “Sharing” tab and put a check mark on “Allow other network users to connect through this computer’s Internet connection”. Click on “Ok”


This will enable your Apple TV to connect to the VPN through the computer by using a LAN/ Ethernet cable.

You are done!!



For Mac Users:


Step #1: Go to Apple sign and open “System Preferences” and select ‘Sharing” option


Step #2: On the Sharing page, select “Internet Sharing”.


Step #3: In the drop down menu of “Share Your Connection From” select ‘AirPort’ mode.


Step #4: In “To Computer Using” drop down Menu, select “Ethernet”

Start your Apple TV and Enjoy complete online freedom!!

You are done!!