Setup FastestVPN using OpenVPN Protocol On OpenWRT Router

This tutorial will show you how to Install and connect FastesVPN on OpenWRT router using OpenVPN protocol

Update and Install OpenVPN

Run the command below to ensure that your OpenVPN package is upto date:

opkg update

Install OpenVPN package:

opkg install openvpn-openssl luci-app-openvpn

Now confirm that OpenVPN has been installed and also check its version with the same command. Make sure that OpenVPN version is 2.3.4 or higher.

openvpn --version

Go to /etc/openvpn/

Create a file named tls-auth.key In that file, copy-paste the following text and save.

-----BEGIN OpenVPN Static key V1-----
-----END OpenVPN Static key V1-----

Then create a file named user.txt. In that file, enter your FastestVPN Username on the first line and your FastestVPN Password on the second line. Then save it.


Take a note of both these files. You’ll need them later.


Now Download FastestVPN ca file and save it to use later. Download CA

Configure OpenVPN

Connect to LUCI (your router’s interface) on a browser. By default, the router should have the IP address

Go to Services -> OpenVPN

Type the name of OpenVPN instance (for example Fastestvpn).

Select Simple client configuration for a routed point-to-point VPN. After that then click Add.

OpenWRT OpenVPN Setup

Now click Switch to advanced configuration.
OpenWRT OpenVPN Setup

You’ll find the sub-categories of menu items: Service, Networking, VPN, Cryptography. Make sure to Save at the end of each category after making any changes.

Configuration Category: Service

Do not change anything here.
OpenWRT OpenVPN Setup

Configuration Category: Networking

  • Port: 4443
  • Put a check mark on nobind, persist_tun and persist_key. No check marks on other options are required.

  • Note: If you don’t see the mentioned field then scroll down and select it from Additional Field dropdown and click Add

  • Click Save

OpenWRT OpenVPN Setup

Configuration Category: VPN

  • Client: Checked
  • auth_user_pass: /etc/openvpn/user.txt
  • Remote: Enter a FastestVPN server location address. Here you can get the TCP and UDP server addresses.
  • Proto: UDP (if you’ve entered a UDP server address above)
  • resolv_retry: infinite
  • Note: If you don’t see the mentioned field then scroll down and select it from Additional Field dropdown and click Add

  • Click Save

OpenWRT OpenVPN Setup

Configuration Category: Cryptography

    auth: SHA256

  • cipher: AES-256-CBC

  • mute_replay_warnings: Put a check mark
  • ca: Click “Choose file” and upload the ca file you downloaded earlier.
  • tls_auth: /etc/openvpn/tls-auth.key
  • remote_cert_tls: server
  • key_direction: 1
  • Note: If you don’t find the above field then scroll down and select it from Additional Field drop down and click “Add”
  • Click “Save and Apply

      OpenWRT OpenVPN Setup

      Configure VPN Network Interface

      Click Network -> Interfaces. Select Add new interface

      OpenWRT OpenVPN Setup

      Enter the details as shown below.

      Name of the new interface: Fastestvpn
      Protocol of the new interface: Unmanaged
      Cover the following interface: Custom Interface – tun0

      Click Submit
      OpenWRT OpenVPN Setup

      Set Firewall Rules

      In the interfaces, click on “FastestVPN” and select its “Advanced Settings”
      Check mark “Bring up on boot” and uncheck “Use builtin IPv6 management”
      OpenWRT OpenVPN Setup

      Click “Firewall Settings”. Type the zone name – “Fastestvpn_fw” In “unspecified -or- create:” field.

      Click Save and Apply
      OpenWRT OpenVPN Setup

      Now go to Network -> Firewall. Click Edit at the right side of “Fastestvpn-fw”

      OpenWRT OpenVPN Setup

      In General Settings , select the following:

      Name: Fastestvpn
      Input: reject
      Output: accept
      Forward: reject
      Masquerading: Checked
      MSS clamping: Checked
      Covered networks: Select Fastestvpn

      In the Inter-Zone Forwarding section, check mark “Allow forward from source zones: lan
      WiFi checked (if you have a wifi interface configured)

      OpenWRT OpenVPN Setup

      Connect VPN on OpenWRT

      Fastestvpn has now been configured in your OpenWRT router.

      Go to Services -> OpenVPN, check the box for Enabled next to Fastestvpn. After that, click Start button to initiate your VPN connection.

      The connection should be completed in a few seconds. Once “Connected” you can confirm it by going to

      Or you can also go to Network -> Interface and the VPN Interface which you created earlier. It should show a VPN IP.

      OpenWRT OpenVPN Setup

      Enjoy Complete Online Freedom with FastestVPN Speed